Is Diancie coming to Pokemon GO?

Season Of Hidden Gems Diancie Pokemon Go

With the release of the latest news about Pokemon Go Fest 2023, new and wild speculation has begun about what is in store for avid fans. The first exciting news is the events popping up worldwide, including London, Osaka, and New York. These amazing locations will be the hub of all things Pokemon Go and will no doubt highlight all the exciting changes to the game. Many fans can’t wait this long and have already started theorizing about what is in store. One of the more prevalent suggestions is that Diancie is coming to Pokemon Go with the latest season.

Is Diancie coming to Pokemon Go?

With new seasons come new Pokemon, and this one will be no different. The main additions to the game are going to mostly sea-based Pokemon. Krabby has already been shown in the trailer, so that one is a given, but there are other, more interesting prospects in the rumor mill.

The logo for Pokemon Go Fest 2023 features a pink diamond, and fans have taken this as a teaser of what’s to come. The mythical Pokemon Diancie is a fairy and rock-type Pokemon made of a pink gem. The theory is that the pink gem in the logo correlates to the pink gem of Diancie in Pokemon Go. Therefore this is signaling her coming to the game.

Maybe this is all just speculation, but there are a lot of things pointing to her appearance in the game. Keen-eyed watchers of the teaser trailer have noted that there seems to be a theme of treasure hunting running through the new season. This would tie to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which has a central theme of treasure hunting. Diancie is a gem Pokemon. What better Pokemon could be coming to Pokemon Go than one made of precious stone?

As the new season and the various worldwide events take place, the new Pokemon and challenges will be revealed. This season will also see the introduction of the highly anticipated Masterball.

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