Is Genshin Impact coming to the Nintendo Switch? Answered

Is Genshin Impact Coming To The Nintendo Switch Answered
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Ever since its release back in 2020, Genshin Impact continues to be one of the most popular games available. Released on both PC, PlayStation, and mobile, this action RPG by HoYoverse is still missing on an important console. Well, besides Xbox, Genshin Impact is not available on Nintendo Switch. Interestingly, HoYoverse announced even before Genshin Impact’s release in September 2020 that it planned to release its gacha game on the Switch. Three years later, we’re answering if Genshin Impact is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

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Where is Genshin Impact for Nintendo Switch?

In January 2020, HoYoverse confirmed that Genshin Impact would also come to Nintendo Switch. Since it announced this even before the official game released on its current consoles, it’s surprising to not hear any news about it three years later. Sadly, the answer to the pressing question so far is that Genshin Impact should be coming to the Switch, but there is yet to be news about when that will be.

The Nintendo Switch itself is already beginning to age, since it released back in 2017. Now that it’s over six years old, some Nintendo fans are expecting the company to reveal its next-generation console. Presumably, Nintendo will keep the Switch formula, but expand upon it and make it run better. At least, that’s what many Switch fans hope for, as Nintendo’s latest main console is still highly popular.

Reasons why Genshin Impact may not be on Switch yet

But what could be taking HoYoverse so long? There aren’t any answers to that question at the moment. So far, Genshin Impact uses cross-progression, letting you play on your PC, console, and on your mobile device with the same account. Having the Switch be another console for cross-progression doesn’t sound too difficult, but I’m no expert in that field, so who’s to say?

HoYoverse is now also focusing many of its efforts on its new game Honkai: Star Rail. And now with the announcement of Zenless Zone Zero, an exciting upcoming action game, perhaps HoYoverse is holding off on Genshin Impact for the Switch.

Genshin Impact Coming To Switch Answered

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Perhaps the issue is with how large Genshin Impact is. This open-world ARPG is getting larger by the update, with five major regions already available, and a few more promised. No matter the console, this game takes up a lot of download space. The Nintendo Switch relies on internal storage and microSD card storage. Internally, Genshin Impact would take up way too much space, leaving it to the microSD card, which can be costly.

But the Switch isn’t a stranger to large games, so hopefully, this won’t be a problem whenever this game arrives. Nevertheless, our answer to if Genshin Impact is coming to the Nintendo Switch is a sad maybe. Luckily, it hasn’t been canceled yet, so there is still hope!

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