Is Starfield cross-platform? Cross-save and crossplay, explained

Is Starfield Cross Platform Save Crossplay Explained
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Starfield is Bethesda’s latest single-player title, this time set in outer space. It’s releasing on both Xbox Series X|S and PC, leading players to ask a common question. What if you wanted to play Starfield on your PC, or even your Steam Deck, with the hopes of also playing it on Xbox? We’ve explained whether Starfield is cross-platform, and if it supports cross-save and crossplay between platforms.

Does Starfield support cross-platform and cross-saving?

Many gamers may be purchasing Starfield in the hopes of getting to play it both on their PC—or Steam Deck—and Xbox. But is that even possible? Sadly, Starfield is not cross-platform, and doesn’t support cross-save and crossplay, which we’ve explained further below.

Cross-save allows you to play on the same save file and account on two separate platforms. Plenty of video games nowadays support this feature, but many still don’t, like Starfield. This could always change in the future, but for now, Bethesda has no plans for it. Cross-platform support means the same thing, whereas crossplay usually refers to online games that allow you to play with players from other consoles. Starfield is a single-player experience that you should only purchase for your most-preferred console.

Is Starfield Cross Platform Save Crossplay Explained Pc Xbox

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This means that if you own both a PC and Xbox Series X|S, you need to decide which platform you’d enjoy this Bethesda game most on. On one hand, if you have Xbox Game Pass, you can play Starfield for a much better deal under this subscription service. It’s also up for purchase normally on the latest Xbox consoles, if you don’t have the subscription. Keep in mind that if you have PC Game Pass, you can also play Starfield that way without having to pay for the full-price game.

On the other hand, if you’d rather play Starfield through Steam with a mouse and keyboard, get it on your PC. Especially if you own a Steam Deck, which would allow you to play Starfield on the go! If you’re wondering whether Starfield is on Steam Deck, as of this moment, there’s no information on if it’s verified yet. But many games are still easily playable on that console even when not verified.

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