Is the Eridu Welcome Gift worth it in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)?
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Is the Eridu Welcome Gift worth it in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)?

What does "Recommended" mean?

Items in Zenless Zone Zero can be confusing as there are so many names and terms to remember. As the Eridu Welcome Gift is a “Recommended” item in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ), let’s figure out if it’s worth it.

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What is the Eridu Welcome Gift in Zenless Zone Zero?

Before determining value, and before you confuse this with the Inter-Knot Membership, let me quickly explain what the Eridu Welcome Gift is and how to get it. You can find the Eridu Welcome Gift under the Recommended tab of the Signal Shop. The Signal Shop is where you can spend real money, and it’s unlocked after the first few introductory missions.

The Eridu Welcome Gift is a one-time purchase and is pretty cheap at around $1. The issue is, as a new player, you won’t know what the items do, so here’s what’s inside:

  • Encrypted Master Tape x1
  • Master Tape x1
  • 1-in-4 Selectable W-Engine

The Encrypted Master Tape and regular Master Tape can both be used on the Signal Search. You’ll unlock the Signal Search along with the shop, and it’s where you can find the gacha system. The Master Tape can only be spent on the Stable Channel (standard), while the Encrypted Tape can be used on the Exclusive and W-Engine Channels (premium).

Ultimately, you’ll want to save 10 of either of these Tapes before you try your luck and roll for weapons and characters.

Is the Eridu Welcome Gift worth it in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)?
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The 1-4 Selectable W-Engine lets you pick from four A-Grade (purple) W-Engines, which grant Stat-Boosts to your characters. I purchased the Eridu Welcome Gift and will hold onto my Selectable W-Engine until I know what stats I want and I recommend you do the same when you find your favorite characters.

Is the Eridu Welcome Gift worth purchasing?

The Eridu Welcome Gift is the least expensive item in the Signal Shop, but it’s hard to say if it’s worth it. A single tape feels a little useless when you ideally want 10 to use the Signal Search. The W-Engine is handy, but it’s hard to say if it’s worth anything when you can find decent ones for free.

Ultimately, I don’t think the Welcome Gift is essential. If you’re a low-spender, I’d recommend the Inter-Knot Membership instead, as it offers far more bang for your buck.

On the plus side, the Welcome Gift removes the Recommended Tab from the Signal Shop but provides limited value. But it’s also $1, so the choice is yours.

Either way, currencies are pretty confusing in Zenless Zone Zero, so it’s worth learning what each of them does early on.

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