After yesterday’s backstory overview of upcoming Legendary Lord Isabella von Carstein, there’s now a further video containing more specific gameplay details. Isabella and Vlad will be getting a separate faction inĀ Total War: Warhammer and new starting position after 28 February; Schwatzhafen.

    It’s still not exactly clear what manner of release Isabella von Carstein will have if Total War: Warhammer doesn’t win the ongoing Make War Not Love SEGA promotion. Victory in that will mean she’s a freebie with Bretonnia on 28 February. Defeat means … well, nobody seems sure. She’ll still be coming out since Creative Assembly have put in the labour to create her, but may, at a guess, not be free.

    Anyway, watch below for more on Isabella’s bonuses with Vampire Heroes, boosts for monstrous/flying units, and a bit of in-game footage. She’s coming for you, Mannfred.

    Peter Parrish

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