According to Ben Cousins, former DICE employee and current head of Ngmoco’s Stockholm studio in Sweden, it is “general knowledge” in the Stockholm development scene that DICE is developing a sequel to 2008’s (2009 on PC) Mirror’s Edge. While this does not confirm the development of Mirror’s Edge 2, it does add credence to persistent rumours about its existence.

Cousins communicated this information through twitter, writing “It is general knowledge in the Stockholm dev scene that Mirror’s Edge 2 is in production at DICE” in response to a Eurogamer article about the Swedish-based developer.

Of course there’s also no guarantee that any sequel to the free-running, first-person parkour title would be coming to the PC; but since the first game came to the PC, and given DICE’s history with the platform, it’s a reasonable assumption.

Update: DICE’s Stefan Boberg has somewhat cryptically responded to Cousins, stating “Never trust a man who badmouths and talks down all his ex-employers… but still attempts to gain credibility by association.”

Does this confirm that Mirror’s Edge 2 definitely is/isn’t being developed at DICE right now? Nope. But it does mean there’s a bit of bad blood between current and former staff.

Boberg is in a bit of a no-win situation here. It’s standard procedure in the games industry to deny all knowledge of everything until marketing is ready to make an official announcement; but if DICE really isn’t doing anything with Mirror’s Edge 2, then of course he’s going to deny it.

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