It’s just a shot away: Shelter coming next week


The excellently named Might & Delight have announced that their beautiful protect-the-badger-cubs-’em-up Shelter will hit the internet on 28 August.

Shelter sees you playing the role of mother badger and trying to keep your cubs safe across a long journey. You’ll need to hide from birds of prey, brave crossing the rapids of a river, flee from a forest fire, and try to find enough food for all of the cubs. All indications are that it’ll be both beautiful and harrowing.

Shelter will be available on both Steam and the official website. On Steam, it’s currently £6.29 as part of a special pre-launch sale, while if you buy it direct from the devs you can get it for $9.99, or $15 bundled with PID. We will endeavour to have a review up for you shortly before launch.

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