49% of us are playing them, apparently.
    A new survey of UK gamers published today by the UK’s Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) claims that puzzle and quiz games are “the most popular type of game.” Their research shows that 49% of us play them. 
    Seeing as how this particular genre features rarely in the console/PC sales charts, the vast majority of people playing these titles must be doing so via mobile devices, web-based applications and/or digitally downloaded PC/Mac games.
    Other stats revealed by the IAB show that that are 32.9 million “regular game players” in the UK, 44% of those aged 25 to 45 play games and that 35% of console owners use their machines for social networking.
    This follows news that the IAB have expanded upon the usual ‘casual’ and ‘hardcore’ player tags by breaking gamers down into seven different categories. That’s very of nice of them to do so, don’t you think? Can you smell the sarcasm? Find out ‘what kind of gamer’ you are here.
    Image taken from Bejeweled 3. Yes, it’s a puzzle game.
    The full breakdown of the IAB research findings as follows:

    32.9 million people across the UK are regular game players
    82% of the eight to 65 year old online population are defined as game players: 51% male to 49% female
    25 to 45 year olds are identified as having the most number of players (44%) compared with 45 to 65 year olds (33%) and 16 to 24 year olds (23%) with the least amount.
    70% of 16 to 65 years old game players frequently use a gaming device, 72% play socially – on and offline
    49% of all respondents play puzzles and quiz games – the most popular type of game
    30% of respondents favour social networking games – the second most popular type of game
    84% of eight to 15 year old game players play frequently, 96% play socially
    81% of games console players have played with friends or family in person
    54% of social networking players have played with friends or family online or over a network
    41% of internet browser game players have played with unknown people online or across a network
    41% of console owners browse the internet on their devices compared with 20% of handheld console users
    39% of console owners watch TV on their devices compared with 13% of handheld console users
    35% of console owners use their devices for social networking compared with 18% of handheld console users
    31% of game players said it was impossible to do anything else while gaming– compared with 14% for browsing the internet, 10% watching TV and 2% listening to the radio (filtered to players who use these media). 

    63% of game players disagreed with the statement “Gaming is only for young people”


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