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Jack Black’s back: Broken Age cast includes plenty of Double Fine alumni

broken age

Double Fine have released a video that unveils the cast of Broken Age, the title formerly known as the Double Fine adventure Kickstarter.

The biggest name present is – as you’ve probably guessed from the headline – Jack Black. He’s no stranger to Tim Schafer’s twisted worlds, having played the lead role of Eddie Riggs in Brutal Legend, but here he plays what he calls “a not very big part.”

But he’s not alone. Richard Horvitz (Raz from Psychonauts), Jennifer Hale (Ophelia from Brutal Legend, and also Femshep from Mass Effect and basically every other female character in every game ever), Grey DeLisle (Zaulia from Brutal Legend), Cree Summer (Dominatrices from Brutal Legend), and Nick Jameson (Dr. Fred from Day of the Tentacle).

And that’s without taking into account all the new voice actors coming in, like Kristen Sarkisian, David Kaufman, Catherine Cavadini, John Cygan, Hynden Walch, Kate Higgins, and Jamieson Price.

You can watch the announcement video, which includes plenty of gesticulating voice actors as well as some character art and a bit of a Jack Black/Tim Schafer skit, below.

Broken Age is due out in 2014, with the first act coming in January.