Jagex wants to know which retro RuneScape cosmetics you want to bring back

Runescape Retro Cosmetics Skins

Over the course of its 20 year history, RuneScape has seen all sorts of different outfits come and go. The community even has a term for looking stylish in game, “Fashionscape.” Graphical updates over the years have seen some of the old iconic looks fall out of favor, but developer Jagex wants to bring them back. It’s even giving players the opportunity to nominate the retro cosmetics they want back in RuneScape.

Jagex has reached out to its community for ideas regarding which retro looks should make a return. It is giving the player base the freedom to elect any look that they desire from RuneScape‘s history. Those who want to participate by posting on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, or Discord using the hashtag #RS3retroskins. Just attach an image of the look you want back and it’ll join the pool for consideration.


This is only the first step of the process, though. The submissions deadline passes at midnight Game Time, March 25. After this, Jagex will put together a shortlist of the submissions made. Players will then be able to vote on which items they want to see added into the live game. The five entries with the most votes will be added to RuneScape as part of a Community Bundle.

It’s about time

The RuneScape community has been requesting new retro cosmetics for years. Jagex has added them before, but not often enough. Equally, it hasn’t involved the community before, opting to guess what players would like instead.

It’s early days, but some suggestions have already begun to gain traction. Some popular nominations include the Helm of Neitiznot, Dragon weapons, the Fighter Torso, Ancient Staff, and retro god armor. Many of these items were once a staple but were remodeled to fit better alongside the updated visuals. A nicer-looking game is appreciated, but there’s nothing wrong with paying homage to your history either.

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