Jagex, probably best known for developing the MMO Runescape, has announced its new-found love of all things voxel related. It’ll be putting this affinity for the voxel art style to good use in new title Ace of Spades, a multiplayer, class-based shooter that (it claims) will pair Minecraft visuals and creativity with Team Fortress 2 style FPS classes.

Given how successful both of those games are, those are bold words. It remains to be seen if the title will be able to live up to such ambitions.

The idea, at least, seems intriguing; the ability to build and shape the battlefield before (and during) your fight.

Ace of Spades will tick all the boxes for you, offering an all action multiplayer featuring up to 32 player FPS combat and a fully customisable environment which will continuously develop throughout your battle,” says Jagex’s David Solari.

Jagex is aiming for a December 2012 release on Steam, with “a small one-off fee” mooted as the financial model.

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