Jagged Alliance gets back in action with gameplay trailer

Kalypso has released what I believe to be the first video showing some actual gameplay from Jagged Alliance: Back in Action. The new entry in the series has been gaining some stern looks from strategy fans, because it seems to be ditching the turn-based approach of previous efforts for more of a real-time-but-with-paused-action mechanic.
This trailer doesn’t really do much to heighten or remove fears about that change, because it’s cut up so fast that you don’t ever really get a good look at anything. All I can tell you after watching this is that it has a top-down-ish perspective and you control some guys who shoot other guys. I think most people with an interest in the game knew that already.
Jagged Alliance: Back in Action is due for a PC release in February 2012, so hopefully before that time we’ll have a better idea of what said action actually entails.