Gray Matter is on track for a 2010 release, according to publisher dtp Entertainment.The game, penned by Jane Jensen – she of Gabriel Knight fame – has neurobiologist Dr. David Styles and student/street artist Samantha Everett working together to solve a mystery. Following the death of Styles’ wife, the man has become reclusive and rarely leaves the prophetically-named Dread Hill House. When Sam shows up on his doorstep looking for work just as he’s looking for an assistant, all seems well, until Styles begins an experiment.The experiment, involving six volunteers, apparently starts simply enough but gradually things get weird – not least when Styles’ dead wife shows up. It’s all about Dread Hill House, we suspect, and you’ll be controlling both Styles and Sam as you try to work out what’s going on.Expect “gruesome incidences and supernatural events,” as well as some solid voice acting. Jensen has reportedly just finished supervising the English voice recordings, which were directed by actress Lorelei King. Styles will be voiced by Steven Pacey, who you’ve almost certainly seen in something, while others making appearances apparently include Adrienne Posta, Rupert Degas, and Sacha Dhawan, as well as Philippa Alexander taking the role of Sam. We can’t find an IMDB page for her but we’re sure she’s excellent.We’ve been waiting for Gray Matter for what seems like forever, considering it was announced absolutely ages ago – and we really have been waiting, because considering the quality of the Gabriel Knight series, another adventure penned by Jane Jensen is certainly something to look forward to.

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