Humble Choice January 2020 Middle Earth Shadow Of War, Street Fighter V Street Fighter 5, Bad North, Dirt Rally 2.0

Back in October 2019, Humble Bundle announced that its old Humble Monthly subscription will take on a new form: Humble Choice. Selected games will no longer have “early reveals” or “late unlocks.” Instead, everything will be visible and it’s up to subscribers to make their picks.

Humble Choice, which debuted last month, had titles such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Blasphemous, and Phantom Doctrine. As for January 2020’s Humble Choice, it has games such as Middle Earth: Shadow of War, Street Fighter V, Bad North, Dirt Rally 2.0, and more.

Humble Choice January 2020 Middle Earth Shadow Of War , Street Fighter V Street Fighter 5, Bad North, Dirt Rally 2.0

Humble Choice January 2020: Shadow of War, Street Fighter V, and more

Middle Earth: Shadow of War is the sequel to 2014’s Shadow of Mordor. Players will once again take the role of Talion, a ranger who, with the aid of the elven lord Celembribor, manifests wraith-like powers. Talion can control and corrupt the minds of enemies. Shadow of War‘s core mechanic, the Nemesis System, creates an evolving sandbox given the foes you’d encounter.

From the Shadow of War in the fictional lands of Middle Earth, we’ve got an actual conflict from our own history in Bad North. The game reimagines the Viking invasion in a minimalistic, rogue-lite strategy setting. You take control of forces in various islands, moving them around and hoping that they can fend off the Norsemen. The Humble Choice for January 2020 has Bad North: Jotunn Edition, which has a free upgrade that provided overhauls and tweaks to the gameplay.

Likewise, there’s also Street Fighter V, one of the slightly older titles in the bunch. The base game includes 16 characters although more combatants (such as Sagat, E. Honda, Sakura, Akuma, and others) are purchasable via DLC.

The other games included in the Humble Choice for January 2020 are:

  • Dirt Rally 2.0
  • Two Point Hospital
  • Graveyard Keeper
  • Unrailed
  • Trailmakers
  • Whispers of a Machine
  • Them’s Fightin’ Herds
  • Mages of Mystralia
  • Grip: Combat Racing

Humble Choice January 2020 Middle Earth Shadow Of War, Street Fighter V Street Fighter 5 , Bad North, Dirt Rally 2.0

As usual, Premium and Classic subscribers can grab up to nine of these Humble Choice offerings. Subscriptions also include discounts for Humble Store purchases and access to the Humble Trove. Other plans, however, as less exciting given the limited number of games you can obtain. In any case, head over to the Humble Choice official page to check them out.

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