Jeff Strain gives a few more details of the State of Decay sandbox mode

State of Decay

State of Decay has proved massively popular on the Xbox and PC gamers are very keen to get their hands on the game. Recently Undead labs revealed they were working on a sandbox mode, a feature that was planned for the original release but had to be cut for budget reasons which Strain says was “a tough one to let go of”.

In an interview with Polygon, Strain commented; “Every playthrough is different, but the story is the same every time. After they finish they want to just experience the game in pure sandbox mode and be able to focus on experiencing the world and not worry about completing the story. We’re going to make that happen.”

With the game having proved a success on the Xbox, Undead Labs revealed they were revisiting the feature in a recent update. Strain says that the mode will come with new tools to measure a player’s progress, how long they stay alive, and how effective they are at survival. He describes it as a “SimCity-style simulation”.

Looking ahead, they are still thinking about the sequel which is codenamed Class4, a  “shared virtual world”. Development has not yet started on this sequel.

The PC version is still in the works although release date has yet been announced.

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