Thanks to pesky licensing issues, there’ll be a few tracks missing from the Jet Set Radio HD re-release announced by Sega earlier in the month. Still, the publisher has made a reasonable effort to get hold of as many tunes from the Dreamcast title as it can.
    As well as enjoying the skate-n-tag game in HD and at a reported 60 frames per second, you’ll be “getting down” and “grooving out” to the following “beats” (am I doing this right?)
    Original songs by Hideki Naganuma

    Grace and Glory
    Humming the Bassline
    Let Mom Sleep
    Moody’s Shuffle
    Rock It On
    Sweet Soul Brother
    That’s Enough

    Licensed tracks

    Toronto – Electric Tooth Brush
    Magical Girl – Guitar Vader
    Super Brothers – Guitar Vader
    Bout the City – Reps
    Funky Radio – B.B. Rights
    Mischievous Boy – Castle Logical
    Yellow Bream – F-Fields
    Everybody Jump Around – Richard Jacques
    Jet Set Radio HD will be coming to PC, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network this summer. In case you missed it, the trailer is below.

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