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It’s Thursday, so that means it’s time for the next official Valorant agent reveal video. This time, it’s the wind-walking Korean Jett. The video isn’t as revealing as some of the previous ones, as we’ve already seen all of Jett’s abilities in action. It does, however, provide a closer look at a new area of one of the game’s maps. Plus, it’s more Valorant gameplay, and if you’re anything like me, you’re an addict for every second you can get.

If you haven’t seen the previous agent reveal videos or you just need another hit of Valorant video, you can check out our coverage of Phoenix, Viper, Sova, and Sage. But back to the agent at hand – let’s check out Jett in action.

You can’t fight the wind

The first ability Jett showcases in her Valorant agent reveal trailer is Updraft. We’ve seen this ability used in a few previous videos from Riot, so no surprises there. But the ability is certainly an excellent way to surprise your enemies. Use it to launch yourself into an unexpected elevated position and get the jump on them.

Next up, we see Jett launch her Cloudburst ability into a narrow corridor. Notice how you can bend it around corners to not expose yourself to enemy fire while casting it. The ability blocks the sight of your enemies for a few seconds, giving you just enough time to reposition and catch your next victim off guard.

Jett then shows off her Signature Ability, Tailwind. It lets her dash a short distance in the direction she’s moving. This ability will likely become the one that defines Jett’s playstyle and role. She can use it to enter areas quickly or cross an open space that would see any other agent riddled with bullets.

We don’t see Jett’s Ultimate Ability, Blade Storm. However, we have seen Jett use it extensively in Riot’s initial announcement video for Valorant (then called Project A) and the developer gameplay video called The Round. Blade Storm gives Jett five throwing knives to launch at her enemies. She can left-click to fire them one at a time or right-click to fire all her remaining daggers in a short-ranged burst. A headshot with a throwing knife is an instant kill, and scoring a kill restores all knives.

Get your luckiest charms ready, because it’s beta time

Riot recently announced that the highly anticipated Valorant beta will kick off on April 7. Two of the five Valorant agents that have been officially revealed may be from Asia, but Riot has chosen not to include that continent in the initial phase of the beta. It’s an interesting decision considering Riot’s biggest game, League of Legends, is absolutely massive in South Korea.

The lucky continents that are involved will have their first chance to gain access to the beta on April 3. To stand a chance of getting in, you’ll need to watch one of the Valorant streams on Twitch that will randomly be rewarding access to viewers. You can pick from the likes of shroud, Aceu, Dizzy, timthetatman, and summit1g.

Riot Design Director Joe Ziegler laid out the exact details for beta access drops in a tweet. Take this knowledge and watch all the eligible streams you can.

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