Shackleton Crater

Former EA co-founder Joe Ybarra’s dream of a Moon colonisation title funded through Kickstarter is on hold again, as the campaign to raise $700,000 USD in funding for the game has been cancelled.

In a short statement on the game’s Kickstarter page, Ybarra says “Our passion for creating a game of lunar colonization has not been shared by sufficient people to realistically continue our Kickstarter campaign, so we are reluctantly ending our current efforts.”

The title raised just $27,460 USD towards its goal, from 808 backers.

“Our dream of creating Shackleton Crater has not diminished, so we plan to continue our development efforts to provide this detail. Additionally we plan to pursue other opportunities to develop and publish our game,” Ybarra adds.

If you want to read about what might have been (and what may yet still be,) you can read my interview with the man himself.

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