April 8th, 2017

Joel Bylos pens missive about Issue 6 of The Secret World

The Secret World

When he’s not busy hiding in a bunker from the Mayan apocalypse, or talking to IncGamers about the decision to drop The Secret World’s subscription fee, Joel Bylos is writing stuff about the game. In this latest Game Director’s letter, Bylos divulges a few details about Issue #6 (Issue #5, of course, was recently released).

In case that makes no sense, the Secret World add-on system refers to these mini-expansions as ‘issues’.

So, Issue #6, according to Joel’s letter, will take place in Egypt. You’ll encounter a series of missions that leads you through “a war between the Cult of Aten and the Marya,” before being thrust back in time to steal some artifacts from “Deus Sol Invictus”. It doesn’t quite end there though, because once you’ve found a way back to your normal time period you’ll be trying to stop a bomb-laden train from reaching Cairo.

To read more about that, and see Joel getting all excited about the flexibility of storytelling that The Secret World’s structure provides, have a read of his full letter.

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