June 20th, 2017

Johnny got his gun: Johnny Gat returns in Saints Row 4

Johnny got his gun: Johnny Gat returns in Saints Row 4

saints row 4 - Gatisback

Here’s some news that is particularly pleasing to my ears: friendly psychopath Johnny Gat will be returning in Saints Row 4. I’m assuming I didn’t really need to type that out, though. I figured the giant image emblazoned with the words “GAT IS BACK”, prominently situated directly above this text, would’ve clued you in already.

For me, at least, Johnny Gat was pretty much the heart and soul of Saints Row, being that he was one of the few major characters (if not the only one) to appear in every Saints Row game so far. He didn’t appear a great deal in Saints Row 3 due to voice actor Daniel Dae Kim’s TV commitments taking up too much time, and – honestly – the game suffered a bit for it.

On the other hand, this is yet another occasion when I wish developers and publishers would keep some bloody surprises under their hats. It would’ve been a wonderful surprise to see his return in the context of the game itself, no? Sigh.

Check out the reveal trailer below, and note that Saints Row 4 launches on 23 August. Not too long to wait to get your Gat on.

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