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As you’re making your plans for the coming weekend, you should consider taking a trip to Hope County. It’s a bit of a backwater town, and yes, there are a bunch of cultists running wild. But think of it as an adventure – with guns and explosions aplenty. Plus, this weekend, you won’t have to pay a cent to visit the turbulent county. Far Cry 5 will be free all weekend long on Uplay.

You’ll be able to play from 6:00 a.m. PDT on May 29 to 1:00 p.m. PDT on May 31 if you’re in the USA. That’s probably just enough time to complete the game if you’re quick about it. If that is your goal, you should get your preload started right now. If you’re in another part of the world, you can see when you can play Far Cry 5 for free using the image below.

Far Cry 5 Uplay Free Weekend Times

You’re our only hope

In Far Cry 5, Hope County is in the midst of a silent coup by a doomsday cult known as Project at Eden’s Gate. As the new junior deputy, it’s up to you to investigate what’s going on. However, soon after your arrival, the cult breaks its silence and initiates a violent takeover. No one is coming to help, so it falls to you to rally a resistance and fight back against Joseph Seed and his family. You’ll need to work with the people of Hope County if you want to get out of this alive.

The Seed family consists of the four horsemen of their would-be apocalypse. Jacob Seed rules his territory through fear and savagery. John Seed, the self-proclaimed Baptist, will try to use intimidation to break you physically, mentally, and any other possible way. Faith Seed is much more subtle, using drugs to manipulate people. And they’re all led by Joseph Seed. He’s a visionary and savior to some, but Hell personified according to your boss. As stated, a trip to Hope County will be an adventure.

If you don’t manage to complete Far Cry 5 during the free weekend, you can pick it up for a fraction of its usual price for a limited time. Until June 2, all Standard and Gold Editions of Far Cry games are 75% off. Purchasing Far Cry 5 during the free weekend will also ensure that all your progress is carried over after May 31.

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