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Greg Bargas here, Editor-in-Chief at Gaming Enthusiast gamingenthusiast.net PC Gaming Enthusiast. First, I’d like to thank anyone that has read any one of our reviews here, engaged us on social media, or have taken the time out of their day from playing Pokemon GO to read this. So, thank you!

You might not see it in this simple site here, but we’ve grown over the course of the years. Our coverage on gaming has expanded to cover the Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo, and of course, PC gaming platform. It was always our vision to bring gamers together regardless of their preferred gaming genre or device chosen to play that game on. And, seeing this as a huge priority for us, we’ve decided to do something a little bit bigger than ourselves.

Enthusiast Gaming as a whole has grown over the course of its years. We’ve hosted events like Enthusiast Gaming Live, and our most ambitious yet—Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo. We are proud of the work we do in covering games. And, we know the gaming community is passionate about the games in it. You could even say that we are all enthusiasts at heart.

With the vast majority of gaming adapting and evolving, we too must grow with it. That is why we’ve made the decision to close PC Gaming Enthusiast. Well, sort of.

The majority of our content here has served its purpose. It’s allowed us to cover events like the Game Developers Conference (GDC), and of course, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) year after year. There is also a community aspect to it all. Conversations about gaming don’t start and stop when an article concludes. They don’t cease to exist when a trivial game releases. They continue on. And, we want to deliver a platform for you to continue those conversations and express the most meaningful aspect to gaming: YOU.

Please join us on enthusiast.gg, a platform that is dedicated to bringing all enthusiasts under one roof. There you will find various communities. And of course, one of those communities is dedicated to the PC gaming platform.  We hope you take a brief moment to create an account, or you can surely continue lurking in the shadows. We don’t mind.

This will be the last article to be featured on PC Gaming Enthusiast/gamingenthusiast.net. It’s not goodbye by any means as we will all be present on the new site.

Thank you again and we hope to see you online.

Gregory Bargas

Editor-in-Chief, PC Gaming Enthusiast


Greg Bargas
A console gamer gone rogue. Collector of retro games, lover of hardware. Part of the Class vs. Crass gaming podcast. Rocket League, anyone?

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