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Journey To The Savage Planet was just announced at The Game Awards. The first announcement of the night came and went rather quickly, so details are sparse. Here’s what we do know:

Journey to The Savage Planet is an adventure game developed by Typhoon Studios that takes place on a mysterious planet. You play as an explorer who was dropped onto the planet by Kindred Aerospace, the fourth best interstellar-aerospace company. You will explore this savage planet and prospect it as a potential new home for mankind.

Besides that, developer Alex Hutchinson confirmed that Journey To The Savage Planet will not be built around the ever popular Battle-Royale mode or be purely focused on survival. Instead, adventure and exploration seem to be the emphasis of this new game.

Unfortunately, we won’t know any more than that for quite some time. Alex Hutchinson confirmed that there won’t be any gameplay footage until 2019.

Until then keep an eye on Journey To The Savage Planet‘s website for more details. Currently, the website is pretty sparse, but you can find this rather goofy promo video for Kindred Aerospace.


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