Juju is Flying Wild Hog’s next game


As the team behind the recent Shadow Warrior remake, you may have expected Flying Wild Hog’s next title to be another ultra-violent melee title. That would just go to show how easily minds can be blown and expectations confounded in this industry, because their next game, Juju, is actually about an adorable pink panda.

Described as a “classic style platformer” (it’s 2D,) Juju tells the tale of shamanistic panda Juju and his lizard pal Peyo. After following Juju’s dad into the woods, the pair of them accidentally release an evil spirit and get Juju’s father captured. That’s all quite embarrassing, so Juju and Peyo need to use a magical mask, mystic keys and embers to put everything to rights.

Family-friendly two player co-operative play will be an option, and the game promises “gigantic bosses” plus suitably charming collectibles. It also shares its name with an excellent Siouxsie and the Banshees album, but that’s probably just a coincidence.

Juju is coming to PC this autumn.

Here’s what it looks like. Warning: screenshots contain multiple colours and scenes of a cheerful nature.