Welcome to July Pc gamers. E3 kind of crept up on us last month and we have been a man down throughout periods of June so we slacked off on the June Supporters update. Apologies for that, it was not intentional.

Over the past month, we have made numerous site changes. The Gamers’ Reviews section is now in full swing enabling anyone to rate the latest games and these scores are also added to our own review pages underneath our scores

Last month we also made some changes to the front page, we think that not having the news flow in order was confusing for some folks so that’s been streamlined now.

We have been getting increasing requests for us to cover releases and so we have a job opening up for additional staff here at PC Invasion. We are looking to push forward harder and increase content output so if any supporters want to jump in and apply then please do so.  My role has become increasingly more focused on the business side of the site so I now have less time to write which is frustrating but in a way good for the future of the site.

The biggest frustration recently has been getting the word out about PC Invasion. As we don’t post click-bait and just the important PC gaming stuff, gamers don’t flock in for headlines such as “The ten biggest cocks in PC games” or “EA is maybe, possibly, will be, making another Mass Effect”. It’s a path we have chosen not to go down but the nature of the Internet these days encourages it. Playing it straight and proper is becoming increasingly hard. So again, do share our stuff around if you can.

I am going to keep this brief this month because, well, there’s a lot to get through at the moment. As always leave your feedback. Let us know how we are doing whether it be good or bad.


Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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