Remember Jumpgate Evolution? The space based MMO that promised some amazing space combat. We do, and it was actually looking pretty good when we checked it out a couple of years ago at Codemasters’ Connect event in Birmingham.
    We’ve reached the end of 2010 and there’s no sign of the game. In that time, NetDevil has been become a subsidiary of Gazillion. So where is Jumpgate Evolution? This is the question Codemasters have been asking and so far they’re still without a game.
    Codemasters has now filed a Complaint with the federal court in San Francisco against Gazillion and NetDevil. Codemasters are seeking around 1.4 million USD in costs from NetdDevil for failing to honour the contract and deliver/release the game on or before 24 February 2009.
    Back on 27 May 2009, NetDevil’s Scott Brown announced the game would be delayed stating:
    “Until we, and you, are happy that the game fully meets all of those requirements we won’t release it.”
    This brings us to today where Codemasters issued a statement through their Jumpgate forums giving a brief explanation as to what was happening with the game and the court filing.
    Following some time without an update from Codemasters regarding Jumpgate Evolution we would like to present you with the following official statement:
    Codemasters has filed a Complaint with the federal court in San Francisco against Gazillion and NetDevil. This is a public document readily available to the press. The allegations in the Complaint are clear and self-explanatory and address issues related to the development of Jumpgate Evolution. During the course of the litigation other documents will become part of the court’s public records further detailing the respective positions of the parties. On the advice of Codemasters’ US attorneys, Codemasters has no further comment at this time.
    The full filing can now be read online.

    Paul Younger
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