Jumpgate Evolution: Developer’s Update

The devs behind the upcoming space MMO, Jumpgate Evolution, have put together an update for fans, informing them of the work they’ve done on the game since the last bit of news.

One of the current projects is ‘Battlespace’, which is somewhere for players to practice. No advancement will happen here, that’s reserved for real space, so it’s more of a simulator area.

Missions have also been coming along nicely, thanks to new design team map layouts and missions stories. Apparently, missions are now more interesting and varied than ever, which leads to the news that factions are better defined. Thanks to the new storytelling in missions, players find out why they are at war with the others, and will notice that there’s less of a good/evil role for any side.

There are new maps for PvP, better player-built stations, new gameplay and new forms of advancement. Expect to witness epic space battles when taking part in PvP.

Finally, the AI has had “tons of work” done on it, so players won’t find the game such a push-over now.

Check out the full update at the official site.

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