Codemasters and NetDevil have released a batch of new Jumpgate Evolution screenshots and a lore document detailing the ships on offer in the game.The ships vary in size from the small and manoeuvrable training ships to the massive freighters which transport cargo across the galaxy.The new screens can be found here. Also check out our interview with the game’s lead producer Hermann Peterscheck.The lore document:JUMPGATE EVOLUTION SHIP CATEGORIES

A wide variety of single-pilot combat and utility ships ply the spacelanes of the Skein.  Though all ships can be categorized as light combat, heavy combat, or commercial vessels, there is still considerable variance within each functional role.  For example, a patrol fighter produced and operated by a division of the Zelcane Trust may have different characteristics from other patrol fighters operated by the Octavian Imperial Navy.  Individual ships within any class can be customized by their pilots, to emphasize a strength of the class, or to mitigate a perceived weakness.


Combat Spacecraft range from trainers and combat fighters used in the Core Sectors, to advance fighters and gunboats capable of devastating attacks on Capital Ships. These spacecraft are heavily armed when compared with civil and commercial vessels, but the various ship classes differ in qualities such as speed, maneuverability, weapons load out, and defenses. Each national navy also possesses its own design tendencies, and even factions and corporations may field their own unique military spacecraft to protect their interests or territory.


“Universally, trainers are inexpensive light-duty combat ships meant for use by inexperienced and novice pilots.”

The first ship any rookie pilot gains experience with is a Trainer vessel. .  Universally, trainers are inexpensive light-duty utility ships meant for use by inexperienced pilots. They can mount light weaponry and minimal extra equipment. Although relatively slow, they tend to possess outstanding handling characteristics, making them the ideal spacecraft for teaching a trainee the ropes.

Specialty: Light-duty combat and transport

FIGHTERS”Engagement in a hostile universe is inevitable, as spacecraft specializing in strategic ship-to-ship combat the fighter presents advantageous, nimble opportunities.”Combat Fighters                                            The standard ship-to-ship combatants throughout the Skein, combat fighters range from light paramilitary patrol craft used in the Core sectors, to the highly capable convoy escort fighters used by corporations to guard their commercial vessels.  Armor tends to be light, but these ships possess the speed, maneuverability, and firepower to destroy enemy combatants before they can achieve their goals.  Each national navy possesses its own design tendencies, and even factions and corporations may field unique combat fighters to protect their interests or territory.  Combat fighters are routinely used in both offensive and defensive roles.

Specialty: Ship-to-ship combatProgression:
•    Fighter 
•    Patrol Fighter
•    Escort FighterAdvance Fighters                                         Smaller, faster, and more maneuverable versions of the Combat Fighter class, Advance Fighters gain these traits in exchange for armament.  They also carry ECM suites (Electronic Counter Measures) to further their defenses against hostile targets.  The speeds these ships reach make them ideal for rapid intercept and no-contact reconnaissance roles, but they cannot survive in an engagement for long without support from heavier, front-line Combat Fighters.  Advance Fighters are ideal for striking a tactical target and getting out before the enemy knows what hit them.Specialty: Intercept and reconnaissanceProgression:
•    Picket Fighter
•    Scout Fighter


“The Gunboat is an extreme evolution of a Heavy Fighter, adapted to enforcement and strike mission roles because of their colossal damage output”

Combat GunboatsThese vessels are essentially heavy weapons platforms.  Maneuverability suffers due to their heavy bulk and mass, but they more than make up for this with thick armor and impressive striking power.  Combat Gunboats are usually fielded in order to unleash their heavy cannons and high-yield torpedoes against hostile capital ships.  Properly escorted by lighter combatants, they pack an extremely formidable punch and are the backbone of any strike team.

Specialty: Strike and heavy combatProgression:•    Gunboat
•    Strike Gunboat
•    Assault Gunboat

Support Gunboats                                       Take a heavy Gunboat platform and load it with ECM suites and combat support capabilities, and you have a Support Gunboat.  These vessels are as ungainly as a Combat Gunboat, but possess heavy armor and shields that allow them to survive a pounding.  While not a direct combatant, the Support Gunboat class can be outfitted with powerful radars and electronic warfare systems that allow them to identify enemy assets and scramble enemy attack capabilities over a wide area.  Often used as a command ship, a Support Gunboat is an asset that dramatically increases the survivability of any combat wing fortunate enough to possess one.

Specialty: Electronic warfare and combat supportProgression:
•    Recon Gunboat
•    Escort Gunboat


“Cargo ships represent the robust industrial division of mining, trading and hauling within the Skein”

The economy within the Skein is heavily dependent upon the movement and transaction of commodities and goods in space. Pilots can profit by moving commodities from where they are produced or manufactured to the marketplace that reaps the most profits.

To move commodities, non-combat ships are available for this purpose. These commercial spacecrafts can be divided into two broad categories: Runners and Freighters. Spaceflight can be dangerous, so although commercial ships emphasize cargo capacity, they all possess at least light armament and often substantial armor and shielding.

RunnersPossibly the most romantic ship class in known space, speedy cargo Runners are used as courier vessels, prospectors and light miners, local delivery ships, and of course, by pirates and smugglers.  A light to moderate cargo capacity is balanced by the ability of the ship to meet its schedule ahead of time and usually under budget.  Runners can mount mining gear and are also able to equip a light but respectable armament, and this combination makes them well-nigh irresistible to pilots operating on the fringes of local regulations, as well as those with places to go and entanglements to avoid.

Specialty: Mining and rapid cargo deliveryProgression:
•    Cargo Runner
•    Blockade Runner

FREIGHTERSFreighters                                                            Freighters are the backbone of commerce in the Skein. Slower and with more cargo capacity than Runners, these ships are typically outfitted for bulk cargo delivery or heavy mining roles supporting major industrial concerns.  Ideal convoy vessels, Freighters are better armored than Runners, and are equally popular among independent pilot-contractors as well as with local and regional hauling firms.

Specialty: Heavy duty mining and commercialProgression:
•    Cargo Shuttle
•    Freighter
•    Heavy Freighter

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