Overwatch 2 Free To Play Trailer New Hero Junker Queen Launch

The Junker Queen is a vehicle for carnage and chaos, the matriarch of Junkertown who rules with an iron fist. From the moment we heard her voice in the initial Junkertown trailer, fans were eager for the opportunity to see her in action. Junker Queen will be the second newest playable character as a part of Overwatch 2’s official release, and she’ll bring a much-welcomed Mad Max vibe to a game that needed a little more flavor.

Junker Queen’s gameplay trailer shows off all of her new abilities that were previously previewed in a tweet. Immediately, you get the vibe that Junker Queen doesn’t mess around. Her punk-rock attitude is portrayed with a show-stopping introduction and a name card flying over her head through flames. Eagle-eyed viewers will also notice that Junker Queen is a tank, as she jumps into the fray alongside other Damage and Support heroes.


Junker Queen’s abilities

Junker Queen can be seen wielding her Scattergun, a pump-action shotgun that deals some decent damage. She also has a sharp blade, the Jagged Blade, that she throws around. Her melee does bonus damage over time, and she can throw her blade to deal damage as well. It seems like the Jagged Blade can pull enemies in as well, although that’s not mentioned in the official preview.

Her Commanding Shout ability increases her personal health by 200 and her nearby allies by 100. It also increases movement speed for the team. Meanwhile, her Carnage ability swings her mighty axe around to damage all enemies in front of her over time. Her ultimate, Rampage, charges her forward and introduces a new mechanic that prevents enemies from being healed.

Junker Queen will be available to play in the upcoming beta for Overwatch 2 on June 28. You can request access to the next beta now. Meanwhile, check out the Junker Queen trailer below if you haven’t already.


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