Jurassic Park unleashes the dinosaurs in latest trailer

Dinosaurs; they’re great aren’t they? Except when they’re gnawing on your face, obviously. Telltale’s latest trailer for Jurassic Park: The Game tells us all about them.
There’s talk of attending lectures by a paleontologist to make sure all the hot science facts are relatively straight in the game – but the team also mention that they’ll be staying true to the ‘rules’ of the film as well (ie, stand still to avoid becoming T-Rex chow.)
They’ve introduced a new dino too. One which hunts at night and uses a paralysing poison so it can eat you alive, leading, in the words of one eager developer, to a “slow, painful, fascinating death.” My favourite kind!
Despite there being quite a bit of in-game footage in this trailer, it’s still not entirely clear what kind of game this will be. Telltale are known for their adventures (Sam & Max etc,) but this looks more action orientated. But maybe we’re just seeing the action-ey bits of the adventure.

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