GameInformer has shared more details on Just Cause 3, including the scenario and gameplay.

You still play Rico Rodriguez, but now significantly aged since the last game. He comes home to a Mediterranean nation called Medici to take out another evil dictatorship, this time headed by General Di Ravello.

Rico gets new toys in this outing, including a powerful grappling hook that allows him to essentially grapple onto anything, and a wing suit that allows him to speed up faster during free fall than ever before. Avalanche is also finally leveraging their Burnout developers to ensure driving gameplay will be solid.

Gameplay will be emergent, across a 400 square mile map. Rico wages a war of attrition, taking down propaganda in each town while he attacks each enemy base. He takes over a town after liberating it, and gets to use each town for fast travel, as well as a ‘tavern’ of sorts to replenish resources and keep reclaimed vehicles.

What would you like to see from Just Cause 3? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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