After reading the headline, you could be forgiven for thinking “wait, did I blink and miss a game somewhere?” No, Just Cause 3 wasn’t sneakily released while you weren’t looking. That game’s development status still hovers around the ‘assumed rumour’ status.
    Even with the third in the series still unconfirmed, publisher Square Enix seems quietly confident that the title will make it to a part 4. It has emerged today that domains in France, Germany, Italy and England have been registered for JustCause4; along with good old JustCause4.com.
    The timing of this means it’s possible that it points to some sort of Just Cause related announcement at E3 (if Just Cause 3 is to be revealed, Square may wish to wrap up domain names for a possible fourth before anyone else nabs them), or it could just be standard corporate activities that shouldn’t have too much read into them.
    We’re know for sure when E3 kicks off next month.
    Source: fusible.com
    Image taken from Just Cause 2

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