The devs behind Kenji Eno’s final game, KAKEXUN, have shared a sad, and distressing message for backers on Indiegogo.

While the game was succesfully funded on Japanese crowdfund MotionGallery, the Western arm of crowdfunding, hosted under Indiegogo, has only raised $2,015 of the $ 100,000 goal. The crowdfund only has one week to go, ending this December 28.

What follows is the latest communication from the Kakexun devs, copied verbatim.

There are days when we look at the “kakexun beta” project page on MotionGallery or indiegogo every morning, noon, and night, and we writhe in agony.

When version alpha was released, topic proposals were going well, and we were able to make waves. We held exhibitions and game bodhisattva performances, updated our blog daily, regularly conducted events…

This resulted in the success of “kakeun alpha” as a crowdfunding project, and it was properly made. Until now, two practical tests have been conducted, and it is working properly. Because “beta” is being advanced concurrently with this work, we anticipated falling into a windless condition like the present one.

However, it is true that we held the naive expectation of “We’ll go to America!” After all, America is the land of the origin of crowdfunding, and the scope of the dollar amount that moves with people’s understanding is different than Japan…

Kenji Eno’s famous work, D, was a megahit, selling 2 million copies. However, it’s been 20 years since then… We thought, So this is what “megahit->consumption” means. Even so, we feel that our American “kakexun” friends don’t know about this project.

And so, know! Even though there’s no time for exhibitions, game bodhisattva performances, or events anymore because we are in the game-making phase, know!

Therefore, our modern information dispersal apparatus is regressing to a email magazine lol.

This email magazine is written for collectors of both versions alpha and beta. We’re not asking you to start collecting again. We want you to, in the course of your everyday conversations and social networking, say, “Hey, kakexun beta is happening,” a few time a day! This might seem similar to information merchandising or a pyramid scheme, but what makes it completely different is that not a single person is profiting from this at all lol.

Christmas and New Years are just around the corner, so we are praying for a miracle for “kakexun”! We are praying for this with deep passion, while immersing ourselves in the boring work that is the essence of game creation. There is something numbing in this dilemma. We’re counting on on you for “1 day, 1 xun”!

KAKEXUN Chief Director, Kazutoshi Iida
December 2014

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