Eidos has released a second video detailing the Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days ‘Fragile Alliance’ multiplayer mode, and several screens of the action:
“Fragile Alliance is all about greed, betrayal and revenge. Basic rules are simple – you perform a heist with seven other people. You go in, steal some well-protected cash and get out in less than four minutes. If you get away with the most money after three heists, you win. Everyone shares in the loot but if you’re crafty and feel like not sharing that’s an option too. All you have to do it blow away your heist buddies, turn traitor, grab the money and make a run for it. Thus, natural greed combined with willingness to betray your friends is the road to sucess in Fragile Alliance – if you can get away with the money ”

Be sure to watch our interview with the developers to find out more about the upcoming game.

Paul Younger
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