In an interview with IncGamers, Command & Conquer 4 lead designer Sam Bass has cast doubt on what seemed previously certain: Kane may not die.When we asked the reasoning behind killing off series antagonist Kane, Bass took the opportunity to correct us, noting that he “can’t say we’re killing him off – we’re doing something with him.”We followed this up by asking point-blank whether the team was killing off Kane or not, Bass only smiled, and answered “We may be…”Either way, Command & Conquer 4 is set to be Kane’s grand finale, and Bass did give us some reasoning behind the decision to give our balding overlord a send-off. “Kane is very iconic for the series,” Bass told IncGamers. “It was beginning to feel like we roll him out every couple of years and go ‘It’s Kane!'””It was kinda losing its impact and we really wanted to, rather than just roll him out again and go ‘Look, it’s Kane again,’ really amp up his story and bring it to a conclusion.”If you’ve been following Command & Conquer 4 news, you’ll know that the possibility of Kane’s survival flies in the face of the previously announced campaign names. The Nod campaign is called “Everything Has To End,” while the GDI campaign is, in typical spoiler-free manner, called “The Man Who Killed Kane.”Bass reiterated that the end of Kane does not mean the end of the Tiberium universe, but for more on that and the future of C&C you’ll have to wait for our full interview, coming soon. For now, have a look at what Joe Kucan – Kane himself – had to say about his role in the upcoming title. You may not want to take everything seriously, though.In case you missed it, by the way, you can get your hands on the public beta for Command & Conquer 4 now. The full vesrion is due out on 19 March.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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