How to keep Paul alive in The Password Game

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Partway through  The Password Game, the title will introduce Paul, an unborn chicken represented by this egg emoji: ?. From Rule 17 onwards, the game asks you to take care of Paul by copy-pasting his emoji into your password and fulfilling certain conditions to prevent him from dying. If Paul dies, the game ends, so you can’t afford to ignore him. Of course, keeping track of Paul while solving all the other complex problems the game throws at you will likely become overwhelming fast. If you find yourself having trouble keeping Paul alive, then this guide will hopefully help you to better manage this task.

Tips for protecting Paul

Initially, the task doesn’t become a problem until you reach Rule 20, which introduces the first real threat to Paul’s well-being. At this point, fire emojis will begin to spread and burn down your password, and if they get to Paul, it’s game over. As soon as the fire emojis show up, quickly delete them all to move on to the next rule.

The next major hurdle comes at Rule 23 when Paul finally hatches into a chicken as indicated by this emoji: ?. For the entire rest of your playthrough, you have to type at least three worm emojis ? next to the chicken emoji so that Paul stays well-fed. From my research, I found that Paul consumes a single worm every 20 seconds or so. If you run out of worms when Paul tries to eat another one, he will die of starvation, so check your worm count regularly and add more when you run low. You can’t add as many worms as you would like, however, as you will end up overfeeding Paul and killing him that way.

According to a full guide of The Password Game by YouTuber DannyDeDino, you will only overfeed Paul if you include more than eight worm emojis in your password. In general, the video should prove quite useful for those wanting to finish The Password Game, so feel free to give it a watch down below if you’d like.

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