Perhaps, like me, you saw Kentucky Route Zero get a couple of updates today and wondered what they might have been. To get the obvious bad news out of the way, it’s not Episode Four.

The clue is in the headline: it’s actually controller support. Not as good as a surprise appearance of the next episode in the magical realism adventure title, but if you were holding off playing Kentucky Route Zero until you could do it from your sofa or something, controller support is handy.

Here are developers Cardboard Computer confirming the update on twitter.

I can’t speak for all of those gamepad varieties, but it certainly worked with my basic wired 360 controller when I tried it just now.

In addition to Kentucky Route Zero becoming d-pad friendly, the episodic game is on sale through Steam for the next 40 hours or so. It’s 50% off, which over here makes it about $12.00 USD. Only three out of five episodes have been released so far, but Cardboard Computer do seem entirely committed to finishing this thing. They just also seem entirely committed to working at their own pace.

Waiting for the final two installments before taking the plunge won’t hurt (and the game’s bound to go on sale again during that space of time,) but you won’t find a more literary game for $12.00 this year.

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