Kentucky Route Zero act v available now steam

Fans of Kentucky Route Zero know just what kind of ride it’s been since its arrival on Steam back in 2013. And today, as the game hits other platforms, the final episode has debuted in epic fashion. Episode V is now available as part of the game’s latest update, concluding the story that started so long ago. News of its arrival came earlier this month, with the teaser trailer posted below.

What will the conclusion of Kentucky Route Zero bring?

While details of what the finale entails are under wraps, its creators took to Steam today to talk about what the experience meant to them.

Jake, Tamas, and Ben provided a few notes talking about the game’s update. Along with Act V, it also includes the “interludes.” These serve as mini-games that were put together by the team between acts, as a way to “fill in the story and characters from different perspectives.” There are also additional enhancements, as well as localization across many languages and full audio captions. Steam Achievements are also part of the update for players to unlock.

The crew then talks about how they began “designing this game in the middle of 2010.” The first act came at the beginning of 2013, and it has consistently seen updates over the years with new acts and interludes. These came along on a regular basis overall. “It’s been a long road!” the team proclaimed.

Alas, the trip is over with this final chapter. The team noted that they are “grateful for the opportunity to have worked on this game at our own pace.” They also thanked all its players “for being such a great audience over the years.”

So if you haven’t hopped on board the Kentucky Route Zero train just yet, there’s no better time to experience it than now. You can download the game on Steam now.

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