Kentucky Route Zero The Final Act

Cardboard Computer has announced the release date for the long-awaited conclusion to Kentucky Route Zero. Almost seven years after the release of Act I, and an interlude that we thought was going to be Act V, Kentucky Route Zero – The Final Act will be coming to PC on January 28.

The first few acts of Kentucky Route Zero came out in quick succession. But after that, Cardboard Computer slowed things down and took its time with the development of the game’s story. Act III was released in early 2014. Act IV was then only released in July 2016, which means we’ve been waiting three and a half years for the game’s conclusion.

The release date trailer contains no spoilers from the previous acts and is packed with the style and audio fans of the highly awarded game will have come to expect.

Going deeper

For those not familiar with the game, Kentucky Route Zero is a magical realist adventure about a secret highway running through the caves beneath Kentucky. It’s a point-and-click game that will see you engaging with the range of mysterious folks who travel the secret highway.

The game focuses heavily on storytelling rather than clever puzzles or challenges of skills. And according to Cardboard Computer, the whole thing is roughly the length of a summer night. That’s the classic kind of romanticism you can expect to encounter while playing Kentucky Route Zero.

Kentucky Route Zero Point And Click Adventure

Explore a collection of stylish environments above and below ground inspired by theatrical set design.

Kentucky Route Zero is available for PC from a range of online stores, including Steam and Humble Bundle. For $24.99 you’ll be able to pick up the game with all five acts. You’ll also get all the interludes that were released along the way. Acts I to IV are all currently playable, with the Kentucky Route Zero final act coming January 28.

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