kentucky route zero

An update from developers Cardboard Computer on the status of Kentucky Route Zero’s fourth Episode (or Act, if you fancy) suggests that it is nearing completion.

Here’s the appropriate twitter post, confirming that it’s “almost done”.

It’s been a long time in coming (Episode 3 was released in May of 2014), and these guys clearly don’t like to rush things to release. The magical realist adventures of Conway and Lisette have unfolded at a stately pace, beginning with the first Episode of Kentucky Route Zero which came out in January 2013.

Anecdotally, at least, the game’s fan-base seems to have broadly accepted this scheduled. Indeed, one of the first replies to the twitter posting about Act IV’s incoming release is “Glad you’re not rushing it”, and the rest are people expressing happiness at the news. That’s actually pretty nice to see in this often-impatient social media realm.

The waits are pretty long, but (so far) are also proving to be worth it.

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