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Kickstarter Reveals Gamers have Funded an Astonishing $50 Million to Games in 2012

Just how much are gamers willing to spend to support future games that look cool to them? A whopping $50 million so far in 2012. Kickstarter revealed that last year, only $3 million was donated towards the funding of Kickstarter projects. However, Kickstarter really exploded this year, in what they are calling “the Year of the Game”, as gamers opened their wallets to the projects that appealed to them most.

The headliners of the year, in terms of gaming, was the $8.5 million crowd-funding of the Ouya console, and the $3.3 million support that fans showed Tim Schafer for a new graphic adventure game from his studio, Double Fine. Just this past week, Obsidian Entertainment received over 1 million dollars within 24 hours towards their new game, Project Eternity.

This is how fans spent their money on Kickstarter this past year:

1. Games — $50 million
2. Film — $42 million
3. Design — $40 million
4. Music — $25 million
5. Technology — $16 million

And this is how much gamers have spent on Kickstarter’s game projects over the past four years:

2009 — $48,190
2010 — $519,885
2011 — $3,615,841
2012 — $50,330,275


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