Indies who resort to crowdfunding for their funding needs will need to think twice, as accountability may finally be coming for late deliverables.

A playing card Kickstarter has been served with a lawsuit after failing to deliver on the card game, called Asylum, since 2012. The campaigners, Altius Management and Ed Nash, have also failed to update backers on the status of the project, leading people to believe they have simply pocketed the money. Neither Kickstarter nor Altius could be reached for comment.

Accountability seems to be the big issue of the day when it comes to crowdfunds. This is especially relevant for games, as a study recently revealed gaming related Kickstarters have been slowing down when it comes to delivering their product.

Should Kickstarter place more accountability controls for projects? Or should the Kickstarters publicly impose these controls on themselves? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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