Kickstarter Is Launched For Cat Simulator

After the huge success of Goat Simulator it’s really no surprise that a Kickstarter has been launched to fund a new animal themed game, Cat Simulator. The game is being developed by Game Team Studio and it will run on the Unity Engine. There is a Kickstarter for it as well as a Steam Greenlight campaign.

The game is described as a fun third person game where you play as a cat whilst you chase rodents, get stuck up trees, eat, sleep, poop, and do everything else our feline pets like to do.

The game will feature realistic graphics as well as some different ways to customise your cat. The game will feature multiplayer as well as Oculus Rift support. Currently, the game is in the alpha stage and the developers need 20K to get the game released. Considering how much fans loved Goat Simulator, I imagine the studio will reach their goal. So far they have reached $800 with 54 days to go.

Source: DsoGaming

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