Killing Floor 2 Gets PvP Versus Survival And A New Map

A new free update added some new stuff to Killing Floor 2 and the PvP Versus Survival mode was one of them. The so called Revenge of the Zed’s update introduces this 6v6 mode, where humans battle against mutated humans.

This mode follows the well-known routine from the game: waves of mutants are coming at you, survivors try to survive in this madness, but some mutants are a bit less… dim. Mutants that are controlled by other players start as normal mutants, but they can become stronger, with better abilities and extra powers. Stalker, Patriarch, Fleshpound and other mutant types will be controlled by real players for the first time, spicing up the PvP experience in Killing Floor 2.

Tripwire added along with the new mode a new map set in a Russian prison, two new weapons (a lever-action rifle and a crossbow), dynamic difficulty scaling, cosmetic items and many fixes which you can find here detailed in a long list.

Killing Floor 2 is currently in Early Access and you can grab it with a 33% price drop until today at Steam. It’s a simple minded co-op experience that will probably make a lot of people happy who want to shoot down zombie-like enemies and battle against each other online.

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