Killing Floor 2

As if the Killing Floor 2 wasn’t gruesome enough. Today, Tripwire Interactive announced that its flagship title is receiving a spooky new themed update to celebrate the season. The Halloween Horrors: Monster Masquerade update is now live and available for free to download. The themed event kicks off today and runs until November 11.

We Did The Monster Mash

The update adds more than just themed skins. The Monster Ball map promises full Halloween makeovers for Zeds, bosses, new character models, and effects to tie it all together. For your character, there are also a number of different limited items to unlock.

Killing Floor 2

The MKB 42 (seen here), is one of the four new weapons added. Others include the Road Redeemer, HM-501 Grenade Rifle, and the FN FAL ACOG.

Outside of the new duds, there are matchmaking fixes, new weapons, and character modifications. One of those additions, in regards to the Abomination, increases “the rate of his farts at full health to increase the spawn rate of the Abomination Spawns now that their health has been reduced.” 

Tune Terrors

The game will also see a few new tracks added from the artist, Rocky Gray. These scores include titles like “Funhouse Bloodbath” and “The Evil Zed.” There’s a total of six in all.

Crossover Content

The Killing Floor 2 is currently available for PC via Steam. The game is also discounted for both the standard and digital deluxe edition. If you currently own the standard version, you can upgrade for 67 percent off the original price ($3.29). Tripwire Interactive also notes that it will extend its partnership with E-Q Games in publishing Road Redemption on consoles. For PC players, owning both of these will unlock the Road Redeemer weapon for the Killing Floor 2. For Road Redemption, it will add Hans Volter and DJ Skully from the Killing Floor.

The number of fixes in the patch notes is far too vast to list. There are weapon changes, enemy spawning updates, and a lengthy list of bug fixes. You can view all of the updates and patch notes on Tripwire’s steam page.

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