Tripwire’s Killing Floor 2 appeared on Steam’s Early Access today, and sounds like it’s doing awfully well for itself. An email sent around to players from Tripwire’s John Gibson (as recreated here on NeoGaf) says the game is “selling like crazy”; to the extent that it bumped GTA 5 off the top of Steam’s ‘best selling’ list.

Gibson suggests that 17,000 people were trying to play at the time his email was sent, with 25,000 expected within the next few hours. “Success is a good problem to have,” he writes “[but] we’ve got enough servers up to handle about 7,000 players.”

That’s a bit of a short-fall, so Killing Floor 2 players are being urged to put up additional servers to help with the load.

Weirdly, the numbers change in the second half of the email, from 17,000 trying to play to 16,000, and from Tripwire having enough servers for 7,000 people to only 5,000. Mind you, the email does open with an apology for sending a previous version out half-written, so Gibson is clearly having a busy day.

In addition to asking Killing Floor 2 players to help out, it looks like Tripwire are working on getting “thousands” of extra servers up themselves. Here’s a recent twitter post saying something to that effect.

Tim liked what he saw of Killing Floor 2, and it seems like thousands of others are giving it a try too. Hopefully the server load will ease over the next day or so.

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