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Tripwire Interactive has launched a new update for its hit zombie shooter Killing Floor 2. The Perilous Plunder update is summer-themed and follows the same basic formula as previous expansions for providing new content. That includes a new map, unique weapons, more player outfits, and a few new enemies to slay.

Desolation is the newest map to arrive in Killing Floor 2. It’s actually a community-made creation that Tripwire was so impressed with that it made it official. Desolation features indoor and outdoor areas, including a working shooting range with a scoreboard. The map supports Survival, Weekly, Versus Survival, and Endless game modes. A creepy undead Easter egg is also included.

Killing Floor 2 Perilous Plunder Summer Update

Desolation is a bunker facility with multiple levels and optional mini-games.

The Perilous Plunder update adds a total of four new weapons, but two of them have to be purchased. The two free weapons come courtesy of HRG, which is an advanced weapons manufacturer in the Killing Floor series.

The HRG Kaboomstick is an alteration of the Double-barreled Boomstick that fires explosive pellets and is available to the Demolitionist class. The HRG Telauncher is an alteration of the HMTech-501 Grenade Rifle that fires microwave projectiles and is available to Berserkers.

New guns, more money

The Blunderbuss is a completely new weapon to join the Killing Floor arsenal, but it must be purchased with real money. The heavy rifle can fire cannonballs that blow zeds to pieces or shrapnel for wider area coverage. Players will be happy to know that the Blunderbuss is available to both the Demolitionist and Support classes.

Killing Floor 2 Blunderbuss Plunder

The Glock 18c is the other paid weapon, which can be dual-wielded if desired. The Glock 18c is suppressed and can be fired in both semi and fully automatic modes. This weapon is only available for the Gunslinger class.

Premium weapons like these pay for development costs and keep the majority of new content free for the community. Fortunately, players who pay to unlock the premium weapons can also share them with their friends. Sharing to kill zeds is caring in Killing Floor 2.

Speaking of zeds, they too are ready for better weather. Summer-themed zeds have returned, and the Matriarch boss has a new seasonal look as well.

The Perilous Plunder update additionally introduces new outfits, achievements, gameplay tweaks, and more. Seriously, there are too many details to list here, so go over to Tripwire Interactive’s forums for the full update.

Killing Floor 2 is available on Steam and can be purchased for $9.89 on sale at the time of this posting.

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