September 5th, 2017

Killing Floor 2’s new developer diary focuses on more gore

Killing Floor 2’s new developer diary focuses on more gore
Killing Floor 2 - 11
Zed Time: making Sin City look like Frozen.

If you remember the first developer diary for Killing Floor 2, you’ll remember it focused on the gore system. Well, the second developer diary is no different.

This time around, the team at Tripwire are discussing some of the specifics of the blood, gore, and dismemberment. There’s talk about how Zeds react differently to the different weapons you can use to eviscerate them, with particular attention paid to the katana and it’s limb-severing, body-bisecting ways. There’s talk about how Zed Time (the slow-mo bullet-time effect) amps up the gore by desaturating the world of everything but the colour red. There’s discussion of how the blood never fades from a level, so by the end of a game, the entire level – walls, floors, and ceilings – will probably be bathed in red.

If you’re a videogame gorehound, thisĀ Killing Floor 2 vid is easily worth a watch as there’s plenty of gameplay footage interspersed with the talking heads. Just be sure there are no non-gamers around when you watch this, because otherwise they’re going to think you’re some sort of murderous lunatic in waiting.

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