Microsoft has today announced release date nd pricing details for a Windows compatible version of Kinect. It will cost $249 and it due for a 1 February launch.
A student package will also be available, setting those with proof of academic status back $149.
The ‘Kinect for Windows’ package is seperate from the box 360 version, meaning the PC-focused hardware will not work on your console – that’s thanks to a firmware that is more sophisticated and that can achieve more.
Unlike the console variation which recommends roughly a six foot gap between the device and the player, Kinect for Window can be used with as little as a 50cm gap.
Also included in the Kinect for Windows box is a softwae development kit (SDK), allowing these interested in such things to create their own programmes that make use of the hardware.
Of course, there are people out there that have already put the 360’s Kinect to use – the difference here is that they will do be able to do so with Microsoft’s blessing. 

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