Bring Down A Legend In King Arthur Knight's Tale (2)

Most stories often have a villain and a hero. While we can argue till the cows come home about the rights and wrongs, sometimes, the lure of the dark side is very tempting. This is especially so for legends of old, where the stakes are often higher in a fantastical world. The tale of King Arthur falls into that category, and with King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, you will be able to flip the narrative. Players will take charge of the usually villainous Mordred and execute his bid to save Avalon from Arthur with the help of the Knights of the Round Table.

It reminds one of XCOM for sure, as you look to bring the fight to Arthur and save Avalon. There are set to be 30 heroes to recruit on your quest, and they can be lost at any time on the battlefield. Amidst all of these conditions, you will also need to defeat your enemies via turn-based tactical battles.


Savior of Avalon

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is more than just equipping your knights with the best equipment, engaging in quests, or levelling up their abilities. As Mordred, you will need to weigh your decisions as well. Making the right choices will endear yourself to your crew, while disagreements can lead to them turning against you. It is up to you to shape the hero Mordred will be.

Saving Avalon will require more than just monster cleanup as well. Camelot will need to be built up. Strengthening your fortress opens up more upgrades and unlocks for your Knights as well. Base management, tactical battles, and permadeath sound very familiar indeed, and that is a good thing. King Arthur: Knight’s Tale will likely feature more roleplaying opportunities and choices for players to mull over, too.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is being developed by NeocoreGames, and feels like a departure from the studio’s usual offerings. The studio also gave us action-RPGs like Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr and The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. Their latest project is also running a Kickstarter, although the game is already under active development.

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